4 Week tiered macro-based meal plan - $39.99 Bi-Weekly

4 Week tiered macro-based meal plan - $39.99 Bi-Weekly

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Four weeks worth of a tiered meal plan based on macros  for progressive weight loss with exact meals to specs included.  

Questionnaire to answer with each purchase:

  1. What is your gender?
  2. Much do you weigh?
  3. What is your height?
  4. What is your goal at the end of this plan?
  5. How active are you daily from a scale of 0 to 10?
  6. If you are aware, what is your body fat percentage?
  7. If you are aware, how many calories are you taking in now daily?
  8. Do you have any injury that you are having to train around?
  9. Do you have access to a full sized gym, or limited on your equipment?
  10. Do you have any prior knowledge using fitness and nutrition trainings apps such as My Fitness pal? 
  11. How many days a week and hours per day would you have available to dedicate to training? 
  12. Anything that you feel may be holding you back from achieving your fitness and nutrition goals?
  13. Any dietary restrictions that should be noted (vegan, high cholesterol, etc.)?
  14. What would you like to know more about in regards to fitness/nutrition? 
  15. Please include any additional information that you feel may be necessary for accurate assessment of your fitness and nutritional needs. 

ALL plans and information is copyrighted. Please use it to your benefit to achieve your fitness goals. Purchasing a plan and using this information is an acknowledgement that it will be used as such with each plan. 

Utilize these plans at your own risk, however I can attest on my end that they have lead myself to be what I feel is successful in the fitness industry.