Introducing NFE4ALL VIP members only! 


When looking for a training plan or trying to improve to a healthier lifestyle things can be overwhelming, confusing, and a lot of us may not know where to start. Many times, we ask ourselves these type of questions:

  • How do I know what to eat based on my goals?
  • How often should I train, or how should I train to accomplish The level of fitness I aspire for?
  • How do I know what supplements to take? 
  • I’ve got a full-time job, several kids, and I am taking online classes for my masters, how can someone help me find a time for this?
  • There is a multitude of things I just don’t understand that I want to know more about, but just don’t know where to start
  • I’m just not prepared to spend a whole bunch of money on this stuff, I’ve got enough bills as it is

Luckily, the NFE4ALL VIP covers everyone of these concerns and then some! Using a light fitness consulting model, and access to daily information that is renewed and freshly updated regularly, most questions that you have will likely be answered.  

This service is great for both men and women, regardless of age or level of active lifestyle. 

NFE4ALL VIP includes:

  • Personalized fitness consult article tailor-made for you based on your responses on a client questionnaire (One article per a month maximum for any revised goals)
  • Macro nutrient and caloric suggested break down to achieve your goals  (can be revised once per a month maximum for any revised goals)
  • Comprehensive supplement suggestions
  • Suggested training plan split to achieve your goals (can be revised once per a month maximum for any revised goals)
  • Access to new healthy recipes weekly
  • Email or direct message support or general fitness questions, 1 per week

ALL from the mind of The multiple natural bodybuilding pro title holder, Jay Johnson.

The best part is that all of this access is only eight dollars per a month! Special for the start up for this month, let NFE4ALL help you achieve your fitness goals and not break the bank in the process!

View below for a sample of NFE4ALL VIP access

***Start Example

New client questionnaire

Q: What is your gender?

A: Male

Q: Much do you weigh?

A: 195lbs

Q: What is your height?

A: 5’10”

Q: What is your goal at the end of this plan?

A: Lose fat, build muscle

Q: How active are you daily from a scale of 0 to 10? Do you currently train or workout at all? How often and what?

A: 8, yes ride my bike on the weekend and attend a boxing gym twice a week

Q: If you are aware, what is your body fat percentage?

A: No clue, 18%?

Q: If you are aware, how many calories are you taking in now daily?

A: Maybe 2,000?

Q: Do you have any injury that you are having to train around?

A: Knee strain about 5 years ago

Q: Do you have access to a full sized gym, or limited on your equipment?

A: Access to a full sized gym

Q: Do you have any prior knowledge using fitness and nutrition tracking apps such as my fitness pal?

A: Not really

Q: How many days a week and hours per day would you have available to dedicate to training?

A: About 3 days a week, 1 hour per day

Q: Anything that you feel may be holding you back from achieving your fitness and nutrition goals?

A: Just very busy at work. 50+ hours each week

Q: Any dietary restrictions that should be noted (vegan, high cholesterol, etc.)?

A: No

Q: What would you like to know more about in regards to fitness/nutrition?

A: Exercises to lose belly fat

Q: Please include any additional information that you feel may be necessary for accurate assessment of your fitness and nutritional needs:

A: None other than I have 2 young children, wife, and full time job that are all priorities along with my health.

Jason Smith fitness and nutrition assessment:

Hello Jason! Based on your criteria specified, I would recommend a x day training split to you. Training xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx and xxx on Day one. Day two should be xxx, xxx, xxx, and xxx. On the third and final day of training, you should do a xxx xxx workout. I’d recommend weight training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to keep it evenly spread throughout the week. Let’s stick with xxx every day that you trained and if possible in some form every day of the week. I recommend xx minutes of xxx daily, with xx minutes of xxx at a moderate pace, and xx minutes of either walking at a steep incline, or using the xxx machine. For your xxx on the weekends for Saturday and Sunday, a great idea would be to include the family and go on a walk, weather permitting, which could replace your standard xx minutes of cardio for roughly xx minutes or so. For your weight training, I would do xxx exercises per muscle group, three sets of xx reps, x reps, and a x weight sets of xx reps for your third. xxx exercise per a muscle group will suffice for your third training day for xxx. I would recommend downloading My Fitness Pal app to your phone if you don’t already have it, and purchasing a food scale to weigh your food for accurate measurements. My calorie recommendation for daily intake for you is xxxx to xxxx cal. For macro nutrients, I would recommend taking in roughly xxx g of protein, xxx g of carbs, and xx g of fat on a daily basis. If desired, one day a week increasing carbohydrates to xxx and calories to slightly over xxxx could be taken in.  My supplement recommendation for you is a standard serving of a multivitamin, fish oil, and pre-work out  in the form of xxx.  Take xxx Fish oil x times a day, in the morning and afternoon. At minimum you should drink a xxx of water a day, recommendation is to carry around a xxx of drinking water which makes it easier to track. Another option would be to carry around a xx oz water bottle and refill as necessary throughout the day. Belly fat is difficult to xxx, instead I would emphasize on xxx to work to address your concerns there, that should help with continued progress. With your knee strain, I'd recommend using xxxx to support xxx, during xxxx, this should help you continue to progress and prevent xxx.

Product recommendation:

Want to take it to the next level? I’d recommend getting started on the below to get you there! 


Reminder that any further support or questions once a week can be surfaced via email. Best of luck on your fitness journey! 

***End Example

The fine print!

  • There is a two month minimum for all first time subscription agreements.
  • Services can be canceled at any time after the initial two months, with services rendered for the remainder of the pay through period.
  • Strictly no refunds after a subscription purchase is made, all sales are final.
  • This is fitness and nutrition guidance at your own risk!  As with plans, this service is my personal recommendation based on experience.  Dietary, supplemental, and training suggestions  are not followed by certifications of any sort and come with  your own potential risk.  The purchase of the service is an automatic agreement  to this policy. 
  •  All aforementioned services are delivered via email, once a week for video blogs,  The initial assessment within 72 hours of your order, and any future assessments once a month maximum (only by request)
  • 4 email inquiries per month (avg of once a week) can be sent at any point throughout each month cycle.  Please allow 72 hours for all email inquiries to be answered. 
  • Fitness assessments can revised once a month at the most. This also includes a revisory of calories, protein, fat and carbs if desired. Any additional information that may have changed over the course of the month will need to be disclosed for the updated macro nutrients and assessment revisions.