Below are testimonials that were written straight from the source from previous clients that have used NFE services and plans previously.
The progress pictures speak for themselves! 

When I first started Bodybuilding I didn't know anything about counting macros. The only thing I knew about bodybuilding was that I had a passion for it. I wanted to take my body to the next level, and After reaching out to many personal trainers, I found one who actually took his time to help me. Jay Johnson provided my macros as well, provided a well establish lifting program. After following his guidance I did my first WNBF competition in Georgia and got my Pro Card in Men's Physique. I couldn't ask for a better trainer, I personally recommend him for diets, and lifting programs, for he focuses on each individual just as great.
 JP Sanchez:
Craig Gorman:
Aaron Siegel
I was looking to add a some lean muscle to my frame. Basically, a beachbody look. l was already pretty lean but with little to no muscle tone and had somewhat of a poor diet.
Jay fixed all of that for me, by setting me up with a proper nutrition plan and workout plan. I'm camera shy so sorry, no before and after pics here.
I am in the best shape of my life and am feeling great. Summer and poolside ready, and feel a little bit more comfortable and confident in my skin.

Huge thanks for Jay, Kelly, and NFE4ALL for getting me together.

Get with the program, you won't regret it. You'll see results!

I have followed Jay for years and now have been blessed to get to work with him. He has always listened to my questions, concerns, and goals. Very professional and very knowledgeable. Another good point is that he has made it affordable for us everyday people to get the help we need to get healthy. TOP NOTCH AND WELL WORTH THE EXPERIENCE!!
I would like to extend my most appreciation to Jay Johnson. After my consultation and receiving my 12 week program orchestrated and designed by Jay Johnson. I went from 250 pounds to 217 pounds. My testimony has to do with my own personal transformation that was assisted and motivated by Jay Johnson. I came to him with so many health issues: back problems, fasciitis in my left foot and not to mention the horrible snoring. I am proud to say after the 12 week program that Jay Johnson put me on. I can see loud and clear that I am pain-free. I am back to doing extracurricular activities and I feel absolutely great. My doctor was amazed by my physical and health transformation. Again, thank you Jay Johnson and I recommend anyone who’s looking for a life changing experience.
I’ve known Jay for years and have always had nothing but positive things to say about him! I was so excited to learn he started coaching. I’ve been at his program for only 4 weeks and I’m down a little over 10 lbs and have had so much muscle development. He’s checked in often and made sure to answer any questions I have come up. Cant thank him enough and excited for the rest of this journey with his help along the way.

Jay has been such a great help in me understanding and improving my overall health. He knows his stuff and makes sure to take the time to make sure I am understanding everything that is in my diet and training plan. I have seen great results in my overall health and strength since starting Jays plan.
Progress pictures of myself: 
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