About us

Jay Johnson is a lifetime natural bodybuilder that has competed across multiple organizations, and a multi pro title holder and several professional bodybuilding competitions. He has been a pro natural competitor since 2010 earning his pro status with SNBF, and earning a second pro card when deciding to cross over to WNBF in 2011. 


Jay has a full-time job, and a beautiful family that supports him in conjunction to working consistently towards achieving his bodybuilding goals. Having experience with living a normal day-to-day work and family life to balance, along with his natural fitness and bodybuilding passion, Jay has insight that he has applied in his personal life that is expressed on this website that several non-bodybuilders or bodybuilders can relate to. The plans and the fitness articles reflected on this website is a combination of him and his family’s manifest of things that have helped them all succeed in achieving fitness goals, while living life as it plays out naturally.


Most importantly, the articles on page are 100%, absolutely free. The plans are extremely affordable and based on your custom interest and fitness goals. Depending on the plan, calculation for what it takes to achieve your fitness goals are specific to YOU, which is what makes the majority of the resources on this page just right for you.


Disclaimer: important to note that this is MY TAKE on Tips, plans, and fitness disciplines that have helped me be successful individually. I am personally invested in these methods considering that they have led me to where I am today, and have been learnings of my past successes that I am presenting on this page for the public to utilize at their dispense. When purchasing any of the plans that I have available on this website, or reading any of the insight articles that are available, it is important to note that these are my personal opinions, and may differentiate from other individuals in the fitness industry.


Utilize these plans at your own risk, however I can attest on my end that they have lead myself to be what I feel is successful in the fitness industry.