Supplement Guide

Welcome to the NFE4ALL Supplement guide! these are all FDA approved supplements that come with my full recommendation and are used during my conditioning period and contest prep. I have personally used all supplements on this page and can provide more specifics along with any plan if needed!
Optimum Nutrition OPTI-MEN Multivitamin
  • Potency: (0-10) 2
  • Category: Essential Nutrient Supplement
  • Cost: AVG $23 for 150 tablets
  • Purpose: Providing base nutrients through supplementation that may not be taken in through standard diet/meals. 
  • Convenience: (0-10) 9, easy to administer, taken with 4-6oz of water or fluid. 
  • Timing: Recommended to take the standard serving in the morning, post or during breakfast/first meal.
Dymatize 100% Whey Isolate
  • Potency: (0-10) 4
  • Category: Essential Nutrient/Recovery
  • Cost: AVG $29.99 for 1.6lb
  • Purpose: To reduce and repair tissue damage and increase muscle performance. 
  • Convenience: (0-10) 7, easy to take with a shaker cup, does not tend to mix well with a spoon and cup. 
  • Timing: Several windows up to the individual. Optimal time frame would be post training, upon waking up, or prior to sleep. 

Universal Sterol Complex

  • Potency: (0-10) 4
  • Category: Natural Testosterone booster/Density enhancer 
  • Cost: AVG $29 for 90 tablets
  • Purpose: Naturally improves muscle density and strength over time, known to increase testosterone level and libido. 
  • Convenience: (0-10) 6, large sized tablets that can be relatively difficult to take all at once. Ensure to have plenty of water/fluid to take along with each serving. Large qty of tablets required to take per day, 6 total.
  • Timing: Best if taken early morning prior to training and immediately after training.

Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil

  • Potency: (0-10) 3
  • Category: Essential Nutrient Supplement
  • Cost: AVG $10 for 100 softgels 
  • Purpose: Known to improve cardiovascular health, blood flow and joint function.
  • Convenience: (0-10) 8, softgels very easy to take even without fluid.  
  • Timing: Throughout the day, recommended with a meal each time (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Optimum Nutrition ZMA

  • Potency: (0-10) 5
  • Category: Recovery Supplement
  • Cost: AVG $25 for 180 capsules
  • Purpose: Used to speed muscle recovery and repair. Known to improve quality of sleep. 
  • Convenience: (0-10)  7, very easy to swallow capsules. 
  • Timing: ZMA should be taken within 30 minutes of sleeping.


  • Potency: (0-10) 7
  • Category: Pre-Workout
  • Cost: AVG $9 for 100 500mg capsules
  • Purpose: Amino acid, pre-cursor for nitric oxide to help with blood flow and cardiovascular health. In most pre-workout supplements. 
  • Convenience: (0-10) 8, small and very easy to take capsules. 
  • Timing: Should be taken prior to training as a pre-workout.

RSP Quadralean

  • Potency: (0-10) 8
  • Category: Thermogenic/Fat Burner
  • Cost: AVG $30 for 180 capsules
  • Purpose: Increases core temperature, increases energy, curbs appetite all for the purpose of accelerating weight loss.   
  • Convenience: (0-10) 7, easy to take capsules. 
  • Timing: First serving taken in the morning, 2nd in the afternoon, 20-30 min prior to eating. 

EFX Kre-Alkalyn

  • Potency: (0-10) 7
  • Category: Pre-workout/Strength builder/recovery 
  • Cost: AVG $25 for 240 capsules
  • Purpose: Stimulates muscle growth and hydrates the muscle. This style of creatine supplement does it with minimal bloat compared to the standard monohydrate version.  
  • Convenience: (0-10) 7, easy to take capsules
  • Timing: Pre, during, and/or post training. Personal recommendation is post training.

Optimum Nutrition BCAA (Branched Chain Aminos)

  • Potency: (0-10) 4
  • Category: Intra-workout/recovery
  • Cost: AVG $15 for 200 caps
  • Purpose:  They are the essential building blocks used for alleviating muscle soreness, speeding up recovery, and helps optimize the benefits from your training in reducing muscle and nutrient wasting.
  • Convenience: (0-10) 6, fairly large capsules however not too difficult to swallow with water/fluid. 
  • Timing: BCAA's are best when taken either during training or post-training. 

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