Portion control quick tips - Tools needed, and where to start

Quick Tips - The importance of portion control, tools needed, and where to start!

As mentioned in a previous article on www.nfe4all.com, tracking your nutrition can be the difference in breaking plateaus and achieving goals and being stagnant. Having the right tools for success and understanding the purpose of your quantities is the next step to ensure success.

  • Get a food scale: A food scale is one of the most underutilized items that could help tremendously with achieving nutritional goals for anyone either looking to gain or cut weight. It’s also a very telling device in regards to revealing the truth on some of the serving sizes of foods vs what we usually take in. It helps provide consistency in what we eat and keeps overeating at bay.
  • Cook foods in a way to reduce caloric intake: An example would be cooking a whole egg vs separating the egg whites to cook them. An egg white separator is a cheap and useful tool to help reduce fat calories and increase protein calories from the same food. I’ve personally saved a TON of money using an egg separator over purchasing Egg Beaters out of the carton. Time consuming but definitely worth it! Baking potatoes sliced as fries without oil/grease as opposed to frying them is another simple but effective alternative.
  • Meal prep via pre-separated in Tupperware: Not only is it beneficial to prepare and separate your meals for time mgmt., it’s also excellent for rationing off the right portions predetermined to prevent from both under and over eating. Tupperware can be loaded with the right nutrients based on your macros and calories, refrigerated, and kept for up to a week. Recommendation to put labels on your meals for portion control + organization.

Hope these few tips can help you in moving in the right direction to achieve your fitness milestones and a higher conscience in leading to a healthier lifestyle just by making a few simple changes.

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Here’s where you find some of the tools mentioned in this blog to help you get there: