Choosing the right pre-workout for your goals

Pre-workout booster suggestions

Looking for that extra edge to get the most out of your training can be TOUGH, especially when on a budget right? Below are a few suggestions recommended by yours truly and classed depending on what your goals are from both a budget and achievement expectation. Prices also all listed for each of the suggestions further below:

  • Cheap but effective: Coffee, L-Arginine, Citruline, Beta Alanine all free form. This has always been my preferred method of preworkout for a multitude of reasons; It’s cheaper, you can customize your own potency, you get longer term ingredients for the cost. All preworkout mixes that you buy over the counter are simply a cocktail of ingredients- what better way to optimize your intake by just skipping the middle man and going straight to the source! Recommended to take on an empty stomach 15-20 min prior to training.
  • Potent and moderate price: LIT, C4, or SST powder. These drinks typically hit fast and hard! High amounts of caffeine, and helps get your heart pumping and blood flowing fast, they should be taken in moderation, conservatively to assess a tolerance first. Recommended to take 15 to 20 minutes on an empty stomach, Prior to training. You’ll also want to drink PLENTY of water for these considering the caffeine content on these drinks to prevent dehydration. Taking things a step up by doing some isometric training or light warm up sets to get blood flowing about 10 minutes after taking these pre-workout supplements to optimize training.
  • Nutrient filled: Free form Vitamin B12, COQ10, Iron, citrulline, beta alanine. Benefits of using nutrients only for pre workout is lasting energy during training, and health benefits without the risk of high caffeine intake and it’s side effects. Other benefits that are unrelated to energy such as benefits to skin, hair, bones/nails, stress levels and focus. Most of these are long-term benefits, but definitely worth making the adjustment for the health benefits alone.
  • Caffeine free: RSP Nutrition pump boost, BPI Pump HD. Caffeine/or stimulant free pre-workouts are great choices for lasting, quality energy. In a lot of cases, it’s easy to crash with caffeine supplements post training. Excessive caffeine intake also can result in headaches and nausea at times that you may not have taken any in if your body obtains a tolerance. This can have a profound effect on the body in the long run and can throw your energy levels off balance which is the last thing you need while trying to get on a steady training schedule. Keep it caffeine free and you can feel better throughout the day, more consistently!
  • Quick, one time use: Energy drinks such as BANG, Red Bull, Monsters, Red Line. Not a huge fan of these prior to training due to many of them having carbonation, however my personal suggestion would be Redline. Redline is nutrient rich compared to most of the counterparts, goes down smooth, and has a smaller ounce serving which can help prevent a full feeling. The beta alanine and niacin can cause a tingling feeling that is temporary and goes away relatively fast. in regards to the carbonated drinks, they can have a negative effect prior to training due to bloating, gas, etc. If you have A preference of the carbonated drinks, I’d recommend drinking though at least 45 minutes prior to training.

The purpose of a preworkout is to supply energy, help warm the body up, burn additional calories and stimulate blood flow. Overall can be used to get the most out of your training for long term, lasting benefits.

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