Article- Family life and dieting

By Jay Johnson

So you got married, you just had a few kids, have a full-time job to keep up with everything, and now you have no free time left, and your diet is shot because of your kids right? The priority shift is real right? Why does it have to be that way? Is it really that way?

I can tell you for sure that this is a major misconception. The thought that you cannot still lead a healthy lifestyle, and achieve fitness goals whatever level that may be because your priorities are shifting and changing is complete baloney. We will always prioritize what is most important to us, and no doubt that your children and family is at the top of that list, but why not include them in your conquest for a healthy lifestyle? Two birds one stone is always a better route right?

The most important thing to consider to maintain a healthy lifestyle and family life is alternatives, Preparedness, and inclusion. To elaborate:

  • Alternatives: all kids love french fries right? That’s one of those sacrifices that you had up having to make having a family right? No not at all, french fries can be made by being fried in oil, or they can be made by cutting up a potato and baking get in an oven. That is just an example, however there are plenty of alternatives that all of the same thought process and allow you and your kids to enjoy together and keeping it healthy at the same time. 
  • Preparedness: so what happens when you’ve got yourself your wife or husband and three kids, It’s 6:00 PM and you just got off of work, and you certainly don’t feel like cooking dinner, what is usually the next step? You order a pizza! Does this have to happen? One of the biggest healthy eating downfalls is lack of preparedness for your meals for you and or your family. One of the most useful things that you can consider to avoid this is realizing that it’s going to happen when you’re at the grocery store. Choose quick to make, health-conscious meals when shopping at the grocery store which actually could INCLUDE thin crust pizza. Pre-made Stir fry meals, though frozen are also a good alternative that is fairly quick to make that you can just purchase, Heat up, and serve. The last resort circumstance has a solution as well, which includes knowing what the best options are and their contents. Every place that has quick and easy to order food is guaranteed to have some type of a healthier option. To find out more specific healthy options by restaurant. 
  • Inclusion: You ever notice it’s easier to do something when others do it too? Just the same way as eating pizza, or ice cream works with your family, healthy habits follow the same trend. Find halfway point, or compromises to include your kids and your significant other in to healthy habits in regards to both food, and a healthy lifestyle. This can include creating a healthy dish as a family, or getting a routine workout in with both your kids and significant other all at once. 

The one thing to remember overall is that weight/fat loss cannot and will not happen without a calorie deficit. If you and your family are attempting to achieve weight/fat loss as either a short or long term goal, an active lifestyle is the answer. Truth be told if done in moderation and tracked, you and your family can enjoy sweets and goodies as you were, just keep it limited and track the deficit. There are plenty of resources here on the sight to direct you to creating a deficit plan that allows your family to enjoy some of the bad stuff still - within reason ofcourse!

Now that you know what it takes for you and your family to lead a healthy lifestyle all together, the two ingredients to do this the right way will need to be education, and consistency. To get more knowledge, check out some of my other articles around a healthy lifestyle, or if you’d like something more specific, check out some of my tailor made plans to fit you and your family’s personal goals. The most important part of all of this is, doing it together!