*FAST DOWNLOAD PLAN* Volume and variety split

*FAST DOWNLOAD PLAN* Volume and variety split

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6 day split that focuses on a variety of movements over a high number of sets. Training only.

Training routine features 

  • EVERY exercise has active links to movement demonstrations to show proper execution of each range of motion 
  • Includes fitness terms glossary to assist with definitions for understanding 
  • Primary bases to target building strength progressively while adding lean muscle mass
  • No commitment! Use at your leisure and at your pace 
  • Engages both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers from multiple angles 
  • Recommend a moderate calorie, high protein nutritional plan to supplement and aid results of this routine 
  • Recommendation to stretch/warm up for at least 10 min prior to beginning your training 
  • NFE4ALL is available for any support via email at NFE4U@bellsouth.net 
  • All plans are copyrighted NFE4ALL.com and to be used at your own risk